Mary Breen, Nashville

Website Developer • Digital Designer

Hello & Welcome!

I am a website developer proficient in HTML and CSS, and a UX and graphic designer. With my expertise and proficiency, I provide professional quality work and problem solving solutions. My experience includes working within both Marketing and IT teams, remotely and on site.

I was employed at magicJack from May 2016 to September 2020 as a Website Developer & Designer in the marketing department. My responsibilities included managing the front end of the company website, creating graphics and web pages in HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap Frameworks. I also built and managed WordPress websites and created graphics and html code for email campaigns and social media. Additionally, I designed mobile and desktop apps, and wireframes and workflows working with developers all over the world.

Prior to magicJack, I worked at SESAC as the Director of Website Design and Marketing for about nine years. In this role I spearheaded the launch of two new websites and a mobile app. I collaborated with stakeholders to plan and execute online initiatives, and I managed a variety of projects working with outside agencies and developers.